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Everyday life can be exhausting, hectic and stressful. At times like this it is especially important to seek equilibrium in life, to find your own balance again. Our projects offer you the perfect retreat for slowing down. Enjoy the magic of mountains and lakes – find yourself.

Place of residence: The Alps

While the rest of the world is moving at an even more hectic pace, time is virtually at a standstill in our chosen locations. We endeavour to seek out mountains, lakes or rivers when selecting our individual locations. It is exactly these attributes which make the locations of our properties so attractive and valuable. Hectic minutes turn into peaceful, relaxing and fulfilling hours in your new, customised home. Yet our properties keep up with the times, too – we combine traditional architectural elements with modernity and state-of-the-art fixtures and furnishings to create a perfect home for you. Enjoy the latest technological amenities in the cozy ambiance of traditional, high-quality materials.

Quality living in the most beautiful surroundings

The projects that we are currently developing, are located in various popular regions of western Austria. But the adjacent Bavarian region, as well as the region around Lake Garda have been earmarked for future projects. We are currently developing a residential project in a lovely, quiet location on the outskirts of Kufstein.

Two further projects are planned for Kitzbühel and Kirchberg. The Kitzbühel region is a place of joy, enjoyment, relaxation and luxury, 365 days a year. The city of Kufstein symbolizes quality of life, good infrastructure and recreational value, as well as education and culture. There is something for everyone – whether you’re after winter or summer sports, culture and education or just a cosy get-together with friends. Nestled in the midst of the beautiful landscape of the Kufstein region and the famous Kitzbühel Alps, you will find yourself in an indescribably beautiful and soothing but also stimulating region all year long.

Living L26

Apartment house in Kufstein with 15 apartments in sunny location

On a beautifully located plot of land in Langkampfner Straße, we are currently developing a residential building with 15 family-friendly residential units.


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The View

Apartment in best location, Kirchberg

In this incomparable area, a residential building is being built that leaves nothing to be desired. The sustainable construction and equipment promises a high feel-good factor in combination with the good conscience to contribute to the beautiful landscape.


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Living at the Wörthersee with private lake access and direct access to the golf course


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The Mountain Property Group team is united by a common philosophy: For us, real estate is not just a project, it’s a passion. From conception all the way through the development phase to completion we our our heart and soul into our work, because for us property means quality living and everlasting joy…

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About us

We founded the Mountain Property Group GmbH and it’s affiliated subsidiaries because over the last 10 years we have got to know the market in Kitzbühel, the Kitzbüheler Alps and the region Kufstein like the backs of our hands. Recently, however, the market has not been developing in line with the wishes of the customer…

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“Nature performs miracles.
It’s up to me to enjoy them.”



From an architectural point of view, all of our projects are planned creatively and with the varied requirements of our customers in mind. Only when the concept seems convincing based on our many years of experience is it given the green light. The next steps are carried out in collaboration with experienced regional professionals, and every project conforms to proper architectural standards.

Only the highest quality – and most up-to-date materials and techniques are used. For the refinement of the various surfaces we use traditional materials such as natural stone and old wood. Our mixture of modernity and tradition brings the feel-good factor into your home. Of course, ecological considerations are also a main priority during the development of individual projects. The sum of all these aspects is a property that holds its value and allows every single resident to feel at home within its walls.